A long time ago there was a family that had three children: One boy, Byago and his two sisters, Karirekinyana, and Nkorogoto Zivanyanza.

Unfortunately, their mother died unexpectedly, and the father was forced to marry another woman to take care of the home. In time, they had a daughter together, a step sister to the other three children.

The young boy was lame and could only sit in one place the whole day. Their step mother didn’t like him or his sisters.

One time while his sisters had gone to the swamp to collect grass for making mats, Byago overheard their step mother discussing a sinister plan with their neighbor. When his sisters came back he volunteered to sing them a song, but only in the absence of their step sister.

So the song went:

 “Karire kinyana be wise and listen well…..Nkorogoto Zivanyanza be wise and listen to me well…”

In the song, Byago encouraged his sisters to make friends with their little step sister and to always eat food from the same plate with her.

The step mother was not happy to find her daughter sharing with her two step sisters because she had  wanted to punish them with hunger.

But her daughter didn’t like what her mother was doing and refused to eat food alone but only with her step sisters eating from the same plate.

After a while, she told her father what was happening and he started being very observant. When he saw that what his little daughter said was true, he talked to his wife who apologized and promised to make changes and treat her step daughters and step son fairly.


  • To learn how to forgive
  • To share with friends
  • To have love for everyone and respect.
  • It is bad to plan evil against others
  • Do not condone evil even if it is perpetrated by your own family