Princess wants to play guitar

My name is Princess (not her real name), female aged 14 years and I’m Rwandese by nationality. I am staying in Nakivale settlement. I was adopted with my 3 brothers and one sister after the death of our parents, by a good Samaritan who has been very supportive to us. Life has not been easy for me and my brothers and sister. I used to wake up at mid-day, take breakfast and move from one corner of the camp to another until evening. My caretaker tried to stop me but I was very disobedient and I could fight a lot with my sister and other children in the neighbourhood. However with the coming in of the grand parent sessions, I have been able to change a lot about my life through the stories shared by grandparents. I have learnt how to love my sister and avoid having fights with her by walking away from her and when I see she wants to fight me. 

I used to cry a lot when I thought of my mother and father who were killed, but the story sessions with the grandparents have helped me overcome the pain and I have been able to behave well with my caretaker. Through the story program I have been able to spend the same good nights without thinking about the death of my father and the social worker has also helped me identify different activities I can participate in to avoid feeling sad. Through the story sessions, I have learnt how to wake up early in the morning and clean the house, wash plates and prepare breakfast without being told. I can wash and bathe without being told like before and my caretaker is now very happy because she does not have to remind me about bathing and washing clothes. I have also made new friends and learnt how to play the guitar with other children who came for the story sessions. 

It would be good to involve all the children in the village in this program because it has helped overcome grief and pain. Now that schools have started, it is also good to provide books, pens, provide uniforms for the learners and also organise games with other groups from the villages and we meet. Get people to teach us how to sing because my brother loves singing and playing the piano, but he lacks support.